What we love doing...

Healthy, well-functioning and attractive urban environments arise from successful collaborations between the civic, public, political and private sectors. Collaborative design and planning depend on people - on nurturing the willingness and ability of communities, professionals, developers, public authorities and councillors to work together throughout the whole project and delivery cycle. 


A common challenge in these complex urban change processes is that so many different people and brains need to work, learn and decide together to achieve a shared vision, and importantly, real change on the ground.


Our ambition is simple: Enable people from all walks of life to get involved, collaborate and decide together when the look, feel and prosperity of our streets, neighbourhoods, cities and regions is ready for change.


ImaginePlaces, led by Angela Koch, specialises in providing creative and effective facilitation methods, dialogue tools, process management advice, in-house training and technical studies. We have over 15 years’ experience in good place-making, urban planning and design, data analysis and visualisations, and survey design. We support you in developing bespoke, effective and enjoyable processes often on shoe-string budgets. Our processes are enriched and amplified through the skills, insights and resources that your team and locality bring. We know how to bring diverse people, insights and information together to create a coherent and often delightful whole. We bring this expertise, and on occasion our trusted partners, into our work with you and your team. We listen, we ask, we collaborate. We love learning about good place-making with our clients.      

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