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Co-Design | Co-Production 

We design, lead and facilitate Open Design Days, Community Design Reviews, and whole co-design and co-production processes for masterplans, planning applications, design codes, and action plans. These processes bring together a diverse range of people around the exciting and important work of improving places and changing neighbourhoods.

Our process methodology is based on 25 years of interest and know-how in creating spaces and platforms for more meaningful conversations between local residents, businesses, politicians, and a wide range of spatial practice professionals. We always have an eye on the delivery of demonstrable impacts of those conversations on the ground, and further down the project timeline. 

Our rapid 3D place prototyping system breaks down language barriers, is immersive, and cuts through complexity by constructing a number of solutions at pace and to scale. This includes all forms of mobility, green and social infrastructures from the outset including cycling and car parking, refuse, SUDS drainage, trees, biodiversity, play space, on-site energy, and other necessary public and private amenity supporting a healthy, well-functioning, and resilient 21st- century community.

We recognise that not everyone can attend workshops and gatherings, so we have extended the reach of our design workshops with street engagement activities for residents of all ages, traders and visitors. We run online workshops, conduct online design review surveys, idea-drawing competitions with local schools and clubs, and live drawing of ideas online and other bespoke online engagements all feeding directly into the design development. Neighbourhood-wide newsletters and working with the local press as well as enabling social media activities are commonly part of the programme and invite dialogue with the design team and clients. 


Looking ahead, we invite our clients to learn and explore with us opportunities AI may provide in rapid idea visualisation, digital twinning, and inspiring new thinking about place-making and place-keeping for instance. By incorporating AI technologies alongside our on-site and in-community design workshops, we aim to create a richer, more dynamic, and impactful co-production experience for everyone involved and we all become more AI literate in the process. We also employ the brilliant digital applications provided by our friends at Blocktype and Vu.City.


File 17-03-2019, 5 30 02 PM.jpeg
Wolverton Town Centre | Agora | Design Workshop for TOWN working with MOLE, Mikhail Riches, Civic Engineers and Urbed | 2019
City of York Housing Delivery Programme for Mikhail Riches with Civic Engineers, Urbed, Tibbalds and Warm |
2019-on-going | RTPI Excellence in Plan making Winner 2022 and overall Silver Jubilee Cup Winner 2023 
Screenshot 2020-02-12 at 14.48.35.png
Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 14.09.12.png
Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 11.11.41.png
Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 14.31.21.png
Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 10.26.35.png
Design Codes
Museum of St Albans Site (MOSTA): 'Design Charrette'
for Look! St Albans and City
Council of St Albans | 
For Elephant & Walworth Neighbourhood Forum: Connecting the Neighbourhood 
For Corbett Estate Neighbourhood Forum
working with businesses
on the high street 

Milan International Architecture

Workshop 2015,

MIAW | Workshop 08: Via Padova,

Politecnico di Milano   ​

Civic Centre Opportunity Sites Masterplan,Design Code Testing and Charrette with Look! Client | St Albans and CCOS Development Partnership, St Albans

Bognor Regis Design workshops: 
'Enquiry by Design' for Bognor Regis Town Council & with Prince's Foundation  ​
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