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ImaginePlaces, founded in 2010 by Angela Koch, works with communities involved in neighbourhood planning, localism and the new Community Rights agenda. We are always keen to explore ways of working more collaboratively and creatively with our clients. We believe there is lots to learn from each other when it comes to building better neighbourhoods and places. 

Since 2011, ImaginePlaces has provided hands-on support to over 30 local teams and thousands of people involved in neighbourhood planning, making localism work in practice. We work with emerging and constituted forums, Parish councils, Locality, the Royal Town Planning Institute, the Prince's Foundation, the Academy of Urbanism, local authorities and community groups, planners and architects.

Many of our clients choose to work with us from their first neighbourhood planning meeting through to submission of their draft plan. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to support our community clients over a period of time - getting to know places and people to a greater degree – so that we can provide truly bespoke advice.

Since 2013, Angela has been a Locality National Neighbourhood Planning Advisor and worked on behalf of Locality and Royal Town Planning Institute Planning Aid England on inner city, coastal and rural neighbourhood plans. In 2015, ImaginePlaces was invited to contribute to the national Neighbourhood Planning Key resource kits 'How to develop a vision and objectives' and 'How to resource your neighbourhood plan'. Have a glance at the videos below!

Getting started ...


We support you:

- in the development of your constitution, terms of reference, forum formation, boundary definition and rationale.

- in drafting your applications to ensure they are aligned with the requirements of the legislation.  

- in meetings with your local authority to ensure all involved are clear on the requirements. 

We work in London and beyond, with a tested and endorsed range of engagement methods that make it easy for residents and businesses to get involved.

Getting stuck in ...

We work with communities in the development of their neighbourhood and site-specific visions and objectives by co-designing engagement strategies, developing a robust and meaningful evidence base, organising street engagement activities with local teams and holding visioning days.


To get a better feel for what we do, have a look at the videos on the right, which form part of the national Neighbourhood Planning Key resource kit 'How to develop your vision and objectives'. 

Examples for evidence base reports:

Policy Writing Workshops 
We work with you and your local team to review your vision and objectives, evidence base, community and landowner engagement work, as well as your existing local policy framework. This builds the foundation for the design of an open Policy Writing Workshop, where we collectively draft and draw up policies and projects.


We are supported by an independent external expert, who will be available on the day to 

review and amend policy wording and justifications. The output of your Policy Writing Workshop will form the ambitious and robust policy section of your draft Neighbourhood Plan.


We recommend you hold an exhibition of the drafted policies, and invite as many people as possible, so they can understand, vote on and celebrate the achievement of this major neighbourhood planning milestone. 


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