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Neighbourhood Planning 


ImaginePlaces works with communities involved in neighbourhood planning and design coding. We are always keen to explore ways of working more collaboratively and creatively with our clients and there is lots to learn from each other when it comes to building better neighbourhoods and places. 


We work with emerging and constituted forums, Parish councils, Locality, local authorities and community groups, planners, developers and architects.


Since 2017, we are working with Shenley Parish Council. We wrote the plan and rural code with the community client. The adopted Shenley Plan and Design Code was recognised as National Urban Design Awards Finalist in 2021. Since then, we are supporting the Parish Council in ensuring the plan policies and codes are more fully adhered to. This includes a 'Code and NPlan Compliance Checklist' forming now part of the Local Requirement List, commissioned by the LA and Parish Council, and supporting applicants and officers as well as more transparency in pre-apps and decision-making.   

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